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AI Voice Changer

Express yourself and sound like anyone with our lag-free AI voice changer. Change your voice across any platform such as Roblox, Phone Calls, OBS, VRChat, Discord, and beyond. Be anyone you want to be.

(macOS coming soon)

We have thousands of voices

Our AI Voice Changer in action

Check out one of the demos done by CuxGaming and see how VoiceSona’s voice changer transforms any voice with the power of AI.

AI Voice changers are the new version of voice changers. They sound better than simple voice filters, they allow you to change your voice to sound like whoever you want.

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Clone Any Voice to Use Live

You can clone voices from any audio sample and use it in real time. This is the next generation of voice changing technology, and it performs substantially better than simple voice filters.

Use Across Varied Platforms

Use VoiceSona’s voice changer directly in games or any other application instantly without affecting the performance of your computer. 


Discord Calls

Get laughs from your friends while chatting



Use modified voices and audio effects in your next stream


Phone Calls

Protect your voice identity while calling people


And more

Our voice changer works anywhere including games like Fortnite and GTA


Discover VoiceSona's Features

Our voice changer has tons of great features that you won’t find anywhere else. Experience it today with no lag or delay!


AI Voice Changer

Customize your voice to sound like anyone. We have thousands of user generated voices and allow anyone to create new voices.


Social Share

Create viral clips instantly with our built-in recorder. You can show your friends the fun you're having with the voice changer.

Privacy Focused

We do not save or share any conversations you have with our voice changer.


Voice Cloning

Clone a voice from only a few minutes of audio. You can sound like your favorite character instantly across Discord, phone calls, video games, and more.

Natural Sounding

Our AI voice changer does not make you sound robotic. Other people won't be able to tell you have the voice changer turned on.

Unlimited Usage

If you're a pro VoiceSona user, you can use the voice changer for however long you want. We do not restrict usage.

AI Voice Changer - Voice Changer for Discord

Share Clips with Friends

Introducing our revolutionary voice-changing app! Transform your voice into any character, celebrity, or creature for endless fun on social media.

Surprise your friends with hilarious impressions or mimic your favorite personalities effortlessly. With a wide range of voices to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Download now and unleash your creativity like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Will VoiceSona slow down my computer or cause lag?

No! Unlike other competitors, VoiceSona's voice changer does not operate locally. You can run it without impacting your computer's performance.

Can I see VoiceSona in action before purchasing it?

Yes! We offer a free trial for you to see all the amazing creative ways to use VoiceSona.

I've got an older computer. Is VoiceSona compatible with it?

VoiceSona works with any Windows machine running Windows XP or newer (99.5% of people are compatible).

Can I use VoiceSona on any application or game?

VoiceSona works on every application and game.


Can I create my own voices?

Yes, you can. We provide an easy way to upload audio to clone voices (as long as you have permission).


Try VoiceSona For Free!

Express yourself and sound like anyone. Try it for free today!


(macOS coming soon)

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