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Download the Best Voice Changer for Windows

  • Talk to your friends while sounding like anyone with the most accurate voice changer

  • Avoid lag and performance issues while using the voice changer unlike competitors

  • Over 7000 voices and the ability to make your own with just five minutes of sample audio

  • Ability to call people using the voice changer

  • Try it risk free today without a credit card

1. Download VoiceSona

Get VoiceSona for your device.

2. Setup VoiceSona

Follow the guide and get started in 5 minutes

3. Choose a voice

Choose a voice from our large library of voices

Our Voice Changer is the Best

We have the most accurate and convincing voice changer on the market, and it doesn’t impact the performance of your computer. The days of robotic sounding voice changers are long gone. When you use VoiceSona, no one can tell it is a voice changer because of how realistic it is. You can truly sound like anyone.

VoiceSona is available to use across all platforms that have voice chat such as Discord, Google Meet, Fortnite, and more. As long as you can use voice chat in an application, you are able to use a voice changer.

Try it today risk free.


Read Our Detailed Installation Guide: 

Download the VoiceSona Zip File from our official website

You may see “Unverified download blocked.“ If you see this, please click on VoiceSona Beta Setup in your downloads tab on your browser, and press “Download unverified file”  to start the download.

Extract the Zip file to your computer

Open up the folder titled VoiceSona Beta Version and then open the file called “VoiceSona Setup Beta”

A security popup might show up. All you need to do is press “More info” and then press “Run anyway”

  1. Go back to the folder you extracted on your computer
  2. Open the “Audio Driver” folder
  3. If you are using a 32 bit operating system, please scroll down in the folder and find the file titled “VBCABLE_Setup” and launch it (you must right click it and run it as an administrator). If you are using a 64 bit operating system, please run the file titled “VBCABLE_Setup_x64” (you must right click it and run it as an administrator). If you do not know what operating system you have, try either one. The one that opens a popup is the correct one. 
  4. Press “Install Driver” and then close the browser window that opens

How to Use VoiceSona:

You need to sign up using Google login (press “Continue with Google”) or create a new login with an email address by pressing “Sign up” under the “Sign In” button.

Go to the “Voice Changer” tab and select a voice you want to try. You have to pick a voice before you can turn it on.

Press the play button on the bottom of the application to turn on the voice changer

Set the “Audio output” to your speakers if you want to test the voice changer. Select “VB-audio virtual cable” if you want to use it with third party apps.

To use it with third party applications like Discord, Fortnite, etc, please make sure the “Audio output” is set to “VB-audio virtual cable” in VoiceSona and then in the settings of the third party application pick “VB-audio virtual cable” as your microphone

While the voice changer is on, you can go back to using your actual voice by pressing the button to the right of the play button. You can toggle this on and off.

At the bottom of the application, there should be a pitch slider. Adjust the slider and continue to test until you find the correct pitch to fit your voice perfectly.

General Information:

  • We really appreciate your willingness to try the beta version and support us as we launch this to more people!
  • We have created the best voice changer in the world, and we are opening up a public beta for you to try it and support us. In the upcoming month, we will get our application certified, which means the unauthorized download popup will go away. Additionally, we will be including the audio driver with our application as a single download very soon to make the installation easier.
  • If you want to directly contact us, please join our Discord here. Additionally, you can directly email me at with any ideas or if you run into bugs.


Issue: I can’t hear anything / my microphone seems to not work after installing the application

Solution: Go to the windows search bar and search for “Sound”. Open “Sound mixer options” and change your output to your normal speakers / headphones and change your input to your normal microphone. After that is done, check the audio settings in VoiceSona and select the input as your normal microphone and the output to your speakers (to test the voice) or to the audio cable to use in third party applications.

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