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How to Set Up a Voice Changer on OBS

OBS Voice Changer

Set Up A OBS Voice Changer:

Imagine streaming with your audience using a voice that resembles your favorite character or celebrity, adding an extra layer of excitement or humor to your broadcasts. With VoiceSona, an intuitive voice changer designed specifically for use with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), you can achieve just that and more. This is the best OBS voice changer out there.

Getting Started with VoiceSona:

Download and Install:

  1. Download VoiceSona from its official website and follow the installation prompts.

Select Your Voice:

  1. VoiceSona has lots of community made voices to choose from. You can even clone any voice you want to use for real time streaming.

Adjust Settings:

  1. Adjust the strength of the voice in under 30 seconds. You can sound indistinguishable from who you’re emulating.

Integrating VoiceSona with OBS:

Launch OBS:

  1. Fire up OBS and navigate to the settings in the bottom right corner.

Configure Voice & Video Settings:

  1. Within the settings menu, select the “Audio” tab. You’ll find options to change your input device. Choose VoiceSona as your microphone input to apply the AI voice changer in real-time.

Test Your Voice:

  1. Before jumping into a conversation, it’s a good idea to test your modified voice in OBS.

Tips for Using VoiceSona Effectively:

Practice Makes Perfect:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different voices and settings offered by VoiceSona through experimentation. With practice, you’ll become adept at creating a variety of unique voices to suit any situation.

Respect Others:

  1. Remember to use VoiceSona responsibly and respectfully in Discord conversations. Avoid using it to deceive or harass others, and always seek consent before employing voice changing in group settings.

Final Thoughts:

VoiceSona unlocks a realm of possibilities for enhancing your streaming experience with OBS, thanks to its versatile voice-modifying features. Whether you’re looking to inject some fun into your streams or assume a new persona entirely, this tool offers boundless entertainment. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different voices, and embark on exciting streaming adventures with VoiceSona and OBS. You can read more blogs and tutorials here

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